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2018 Past Events

CWAG 2018 Chair’s Initiative

May 3–4, 2018

Phoenician Resort
Scottsdale, AZ
Chair Initiative
Final Agenda
Uniform Certificate of Attendance for CLE

Thursday Presentations

10:15am—Paul Watkins
Chief Counsel, Civil Litigation Division, Office of the Arizona Attorney General
First in the U.S.—Arizona’s Regulatory Sandbox

11:15am—Jody Wacker
CWAG Digital Forensics Task Force with partner Cellebrite—Building Stronger Cases

Murphy v. NCAA: Possible Outcomes

1:30pm—J. Brin Gibson
First Assistant Attorney General
Nevada’s Experience with Legal Sports Wagering

2:30pm—Chris Kuelling
Executive Director, International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy, Inc.
Taking the Fight to IP Pirates

2:30pm—Roberto Sanchez
MBA, CISSP, Vice President of Intelligence

2:30pm—Cathy Aron
Legal Actions Against Pirating Activities—As it Affects Individual Creators

4:30pm—Stephanie Bryson
Global Public Policy
Uber—Privacy in EmergingTechnology

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