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Africa Alliance Partnership

The Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) Africa Alliance Partnership is the latest addition to our renowned international rule-of-law efforts. The CWAG Africa Alliance Partnership seeks to establish and foster robust relationships with justice and law enforcement agencies and officials in Africa to support the rule of law and combat transnational criminal activity. CWAG collaborates with African Ministries of Justice, Attorneys General, Solicitors General and Public Prosecution agencies to share knowledge and experiences in the fight against crimes like human trafficking, corruption, money laundering, cybercrime and other cross border crimes.

Among other activities in Africa, CWAG has negotiated letters of intent with Rwanda and South Africa, to express our commitment to create and maintain strategic and collaborative relationships for increasing the efficiency of efforts to fight transnational criminal organizations, human trafficking, terrorism and corruption. CWAG is currently planning additional seminars, workshops and events with our African partners in South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi, and looking to extend the reach of the Africa Alliance Partnership to additional partners throughout Africa.